yeah man this is the tough thing about height but its funny that PEOPLE DONT EVEN NOTICE THOSE TINY DETAILS in comic art


yeah man this is the tough thing about height but its funny that PEOPLE DONT EVEN NOTICE THOSE TINY DETAILS in comic art

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A glorious fuck-ton of perspective angle references (per request).

[From various sources.]

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Image (1) Source Unknown
Images (2) and (3)
 Source Unknown (found here)
Image (5) Source (book) by David Ghilchik - “Drawing Children” 
Image (6) Source
Image (7) Source is a Stock Illustration
Images (8) Source Brian Duey (artist)
Image (9) Source (book) Gottfried Bammes “Der Nackte Mensch” (The Naked Man)

Please check out some of these sources, because there’s some more seriously good references from the same artists.


Here’s some awesome figure drawing and anatomy tips, tricks and tutorials by an awesome artist named Bryan Lee or Follow him on DeviantArt, His work is awesome. Anyhoo sorry in advance that the pics are not in any order and i have more to post, just right click and save the photos in your reference folder if you have one (Every artist should have one BTW). He was nice enough to give me permission for posting them on my Tumblr. Please do your jobs as aspiring artists to reblog this post and the next one to all of your artist friends in the Tumblrverse, ” Knowledge is meant to be shared.” is what Mr. Lee said to me, lets follow his quote

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Can’t remember where I found this, but from the watermark I can only assume the source is ImagineFX magazine, the September 2008 issue.
If this gets enough notes I’ll caption each photo with the text displayed in each page! (‘Tis a bit small. Curse you, tumblr, get some better zoom! <shakes fist>)

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50 male poses by MoonlitTiger

Poses….. by moni158

Poses by moni158

.Female Gesture Pose References. by sakimichan

Couples - poses chart by Aomori

Pose Collection 002by what-i-do-is-secret

Hard perspective anatomy references for males by ElephantWendigo

Another Pose Practice by MadameNyx

Anatomy Practice by tin-plated-dictator

Anatomy Practice 2 by tin-plated-dictator

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Figure tutorial by Erik Gist who teaches at Watts Atelier- Source here.

I can’t praise this school enough, it imbued in me great discipline, good foundations, and a more focused outlook on improving myself. The teachers are kick ass people.

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Scott Eaton’s Bodies in Motion Reference Library

One of my all time favorite anatomy references is this handy dandy little webpage here.  More than 750+ male and female photos in sequence?  check.   Outstanding b/w lighting on all of them?  check.  All SFW images but enough skin showing where the muscle placement is?  check. Contortion, fencing, parkour and other poses included?  checkity-check.

All of that for free?  Aw yeah.

Go take a look around.  ;D 

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External anatomy of a song bird


External anatomy of a song bird

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